5 Necessary Tasks for Well-Maintained Roller Doors

Roller doors are common options for both residential and commercial garages. You can keep your door in good condition by providing regular maintenance every year or two.

1. Tension Adjustments

Over time the tension on the door can slacken, resulting in a door that hangs unevenly. Poor tension can also result in doors that will not stay fully in the open position, as they may sag or slide back down a few inches after opening. Your service technician must inspect and re-adjust the tension springs to fix these problems. In some cases, worn springs may require replacement. Springs can be dangerous, so it's best to leave all adjustments to the professionals. 

2. Parts Lubrication

There are several parts on a roller door that depend upon proper lubrication in order to function properly. The roller wheels and tracks will stick if they aren't lubricated regularly, as will the tension and opener springs. Further, the hinges between the roller panels may also need lubrication in order for the door to roll properly. The process begins with cleaning out any dust or debris, particularly that trapped in the tracks, and then coating the parts with a thin layer of lubricant formulated for use on garage doors.

3. Seal Maintenance

Weather seals may run along the sides of the garage door, and there may also be a threshold sweep along the bottom edge. These seals prevent outside moisture and debris from blowing into the garage around the door. The seals can also keep out cold drafts so that the garage feels a bit warmer in the cool months. Seals may need to be cleaned or adjusted periodically. Over time, they can break down and require replacement. 

4. Safety Test

Every garage door is equipped with a reverse safety switch. It consists of a sensor near the base of the door that will trigger the door to stop closing and to reverse in the event it senses an obstruction. Over time, these sensors can become misaligned. A safety test includes both testing and then readjusting the sensors as necessary.

5. Track Alignments

If the roller tracks alongside the door aren't in alignment, then the door may become stuck or it may simply make loud noises as it moves jerkily in the tracks. Fortunately, the tracks can be easily adjusted with the turn of a few screws. The main challenge is making sure that both tracks are in perfect alignment, but a professional has the skills to achieve it. 

Contact a roller door service if you need to schedule routine maintenance for your garage door.

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