Choosing the Best Garage Door For Your Home

Never put off buying a new garage door if you need one for your home's garage, as a garage door that is in good working order is needed for your safety, and to help insulate what you store in that space. An old and damaged garage door can also be very loud when in operation, whereas a newer door and opening mechanisms can be virtually silent. When you're in the market for a new garage door for your home, note a few tips on how to make the best choice for your property and your needs in particular:

Which door style offers the best insulation?

While all garage doors will offer some protection from outside heat and cold, you may want added insulation for lawn care equipment and paints or solvents you have stored in the garage, or for when you're in the garage, working on a car or a hobby. To choose the door with the best insulation, note that metal may conduct heat and cold, so if you prefer the look of a steel door or aluminium door, opt for one with a thick insulating core. This will be a layer of dense foam inside two skins of metal, to block that outside temperature. A vinyl door is also a good choice, as this material doesn't conduct heat or cold, and is dense enough to block humidity from getting into the garage.

Springs versus chains

Doors are usually opened by torsion or tension springs, or by chains that lift the weight of the door. Springs may be more expensive to maintain, as they should never be worked on by a homeowner; the tension they hold can make them very dangerous. However, springs are also usually quieter than chains, which may tend to develop squeaks and groans over the years. If your garage is very close to your home and you want to avoid this noise, opt for a spring-operated door.


Vinyl doors are lightweight, so they're easy to open manually, and will put less wear and tear on chains and springs. However, they may have an artificial look that is not appealing. Wood doors are very traditional and work well with craftsman style homes that have lots of wood trim, or if you have a pergola or timber deck installed near the garage, as the materials then coordinate and make the home's exterior features look cohesive. A wood sectional door with raised panels can also mean lots of visual interest along the door's front, making the garage door more attractive overall.

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