How to Choose the Right Garage Door Style and Material for Your Home

There may be more residential garage door styles and materials on the market than you realize, which can make shopping for the right door a bit complicated, but it also means that you can easily find a style that enhances the home's overall curb appeal. Different materials may also be needed according to your climate, if you work in the garage, and other such particulars. Note a few tips on how to choose the right garage door style and material for your home, so you know the one you get will be a perfect fit and which will work for your needs in particular.

Extreme climates

Wood doors can absorb moisture during summertime, and also become brittle in extreme cold, both of which can crack and damage the wood material. A metal garage door can trap and hold heat and cold, even if it's insulated. If you live in an area that gets very cold or very hot, consider a fibreglass door instead. This material won't trap either heat or cold, so the interior of the garage won't get overly hot or bitterly cold; in turn, this will protect your car, lawn care equipment, and other items in the garage from damage due to extremes in temperature and humidity.

Mesh doors

If you often work in the garage, choose an aluminium perforated or mesh door. This mesh front will allow for more air circulation into the garage, keeping the space more comfortable. The mesh will also allow fumes to escape when you're running any type of gas-powered motor, which also keeps you safe as well as comfortable!

A mesh door is also good if you live in an area prone to strong storms, and especially hurricanes or cyclones. A solid panel door may tend to rattle and shake in high winds, whereas a perforated door will allow those winds to pass through, resulting in less risk of damage.

Home's exterior and details

Your garage door should match your home's style; if you have a craftsman style home, with lots of wood trim, you want a wood garage door. The same is true if the home is very traditional, with a brick exterior or a large stone fence around the property.

If the home is very modern, choose a metal or even a glass door. If the home has aluminium siding, a metal door might mean too much metal around the home, but a wood door might clash with the siding; a glass door can be a good choice instead.

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