Chain Reaction: The Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Chain-Driven Garage Door Opener

Installing an automatic door opener in your garage can be a great way to take the strain and inconvenience out of opening and closing your garage door -- but only if you choose a garage door opener that is up to the task. A huge variety of different door opener types and configurations are offered by manufacturers and retailers, and deciding which is most suited to your particular garage door can be a challenging prospect.

One of the simplest and most easily-found types of garage door opener is the so-called chain drive opener. As the name would suggest, these openers use a metal chain that resembles an enlarged bicycle chain, which spans the distance between the opener and the door itself -- when activated, this chain pulls the door carriage, and subsequently the door itself, open and closed as needed.

Despite their simplicity, chain-driven garage door openers can have a number of benefits when compared to more complicated openers, such as belt or torsion spring openers. However, there are also some distinct drawbacks associated with their use, so if you are considering purchasing a chain-driven opener for your garage door make sure to keep the following pros and cons in mind:

What are the advantages of chain-driven door openers?

Low prices

Chain-driven door openers generally represent excellent value for money, and their simplicity and ubiquity means they can be purchased and installed surprisingly cheaply. Heavy-duty models designed to open heavy sectional and security doors are particularly inexpensive when compared with other heavy-duty opener models.


With a heavy metal chain taking the strain of your garage door's weight, chain-driven openers tend to be very durable and reliable. Exposed sections of chain are tough enough to resist the occasional impact from ladders, tall vehicles, and other hazards.


The simple construction of chain-driven openers also means there are fewer parts which can go wrong, and chain-driven openers are generally very mechanically reliable. This is a particular boon if you use your garage door opener regularly, or if your garage door is too heavy to be lifted manually in case of opener failure.


The chains used by chain-driven openers are not held under high tension and are notched to prevent them from slipping off their spindles. This eliminates the risk of dangerous whiplash injuries, which other opener types can be vulnerable to -- torsion spring openers are particularly dangerous if their springs fail.

What about the disadvantages?


The most noticeable disadvantage of a chain-driven garage door opener is the substantial amount of noise it creates during operation -- models with enclosed, insulated drive sections may be quieter, but still make a noticeable din and are a little more difficult to maintain.

Regular maintenance required

Metal door opener chains also require regular maintenance to function optimally. This generally means applying lubricant at semi-regular intervals to prevent excessive friction and jamming, but you will also have to keep an eye out for rust, which can fatally undermine the strength of your opener's chain drive.

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