Having Trouble with Your Garage Door Opener?

A garage door may be simple to control, as only a wired wall switch or remote control device may be required to operate it. You might probably be wondering why it may suddenly stop functioning even with the usual controls. Garage doors comprise many different parts including springs, cables, chains, tracks, rollers, locks and hinges put together to perform the primary role of housing vehicles. When your garage door fails to open, you might be greatly inconvenienced because you'll not be able to drive your car into or out of the garage. 

Here are a few troubleshooting tips to help you get your garage door working properly again:

  1. When the remote fails to work: This could be because of the simple and basic problem of dead batteries, but the remote itself could be damaged. You can check the wall switch to confirm if the manual operation works. If it works then you need to change your remote batteries or repair the remote receiver.
  2. When grinding noises come from the opener but the door fails to move: This is a common characteristic with a faulty drive gear. When there is a persisted grinding noise then the drive gear is likely to have been toast. To have the opener back working, consider replacing it. It is, however, important to first check if the gear is simply striped and can be repaired, so as to avoid expense on buying a new gear.
  3. When there is power to the outlet but there is neither sound nor light when you use remote control: This is a characteristic of your garage door having a bad circuit board. It might be caused by lighting striking the circuit board. To remedy this, you need to replace the circuit board. Begin by removing the light cover and take out the light bulb, then disconnect the switch and safety sensor wire afterwards, unplug the board. You'll need to fix the new board with a surge protector to avoid similar repairs.
  4. When the lights fail to work while everything else works fine: This is likely caused by bad light sockets. To fix this problem you'll need to remove the circuit board to get to the socket. Then you'll need to install a new socket. You'll need to use bulbs that are of the required wattage.
  5. When the garage door opens just fine but the motor won't stop running: This is mainly as a result of a faulty limit switch. You need to adjust the switch of the rare opener unit or from the track and then test if the motor works. If the problem continues, consider contacting a professional.

Performing annual maintenance to your garage door is imperative so as to avoid some of these repairs. Such maintenance should include lubricating the movable components. Remember, preventive maintenance will save you high expenses you are likely to incur on repairs. 

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