Answering Some of Your Common Questions About Swing Gates

Swing gates are a good choice for any type of property, whether that's a very stately home in a residential neighbourhood, or a farm home in a rural area. Swing gates can keep out potential trespassers and unwanted guests and may need less space to operate than rolling gates. If you've thought about having swing gates installed on your property, note a few commonly asked questions about these types of gates, so you can determine if they're the best choice for you.

Can they work with solar panels?

Automatic swing gates will need some type of power to operate, and there is typically no reason why a solar panel cannot provide that power. However, note that you may need a large panel and converter for very heavy gates that require more power to operate. Discuss your options with your contractor and be prepared to opt for a smaller, more lightweight gate if your space cannot accommodate large solar panels.

What is an underground motor?

Automatic swing gates need a motor to operate them; if the motor is very unsightly, you can have it installed underground. This gets it out of sight and keeps it from interfering with the aesthetics of the gate. An underground motor may be more expensive to install, but it can be the best choice for homes in upscale neighbourhoods, where you want to ensure your new gate doesn't become an eyesore.

Can gates be opened with signal or code copiers?

An automatic gate often works with a remote, just like a garage door opener. Signal copiers will read the signal sent by the remote to the gate and then copy it so that someone else can use a remote with that same signal and open your gate. If this is a concern for you, ask your installer about your options; they can often outfit the gate with a remote that changes codes every time it's used. This will ensure no one can copy that code and gain entry to your property.

What if the driveway is very short or hilly?

Don't assume that you cannot have a swing gate on your property if your driveway is very short or hilly; you might opt for a gate with two leaves rather than one panel, as those leaves will then be more narrow and will need less clearance. A contractor may also be able to grade your property around the gate so that it has the clearance it needs for opening without running into a hill or incline.

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